to get there until later in the morning. Jax showered and dressed hurriedly, leaving Brodie reluctantly. A couple of hours later, Brodie sought Jax out in the Student Center. x videos They had very few classes together but they knew each gay xvideos other's schedules. On his way to his to his eleven am telugu xvideos class, when Jax had his break, Brodie would often peek into the Center to make sure Jax was okay. Today, xvide he stood in the doorway of the x.videos wide entrance. Even in the crowd, his eye unerringly found Jax without difficulty. Jax's head lifted immediately. He turned his head towards the doorway and saw Brodie, tall, lean and muscular, copper hair unbraided and flowing to his waist as Jax had requested, and he fell in love, all over again. Blue eyes met turquoise and the conversation began. Remember? Brodie's eyes asked. Yes. Your cock...in my mouth...Brodie's eyes xxxvideo said. 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Jax moaned into Brodie's mouth www.xvideos.com then tore his lips away from Brodie's, "If we don't stop now, you're going to have x video to xvideos indonesia fuck me right here." "Let's go," Brodie said huskily. Jax could never recall how they made it to his house. When they stopped at the first red light, he had reached over and free xvideos run a finger down the xvideos japanese shaft of Brodie's cock, swollen and raging hard in his xvideos free pants. Brodie had grabbed x video.com his wrist and said, www xvideos.com "No." When Jax's finger had continued the xvideos indo caress, after a few heart-stopping seconds, Brodie had found the strength to lift Jax's hand. He resisted xvidos Jax's attempts to touch him, continuing to hold a restraining grip on Jax's wrist. He pressed his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes. "I don't have any control left. If you touch me again," Brodie warned in a low voice, "I won't be able to stop, and I WILL fuck you right here." Fortuitously, the light turned green and Jax's attention returned to the road, stomach quivering and cock throbbing because of Brodie's terse words. The car must have driven and parked itself because Jax was not consciously xvedios aware of anything except for his need to have xvideo com Brodie inside of him again. Jax had the second floor of the house to himself and they used every bit of it. Clothes were strewn everywhere from the stairs to Jax's x video bedroom. When they reached the doorway, Brodie pulled Jax to him and xx videos rubbed his body roughly against Jax's. "I couldn't wait," he kept saying over xvideo and over again between fierce, earth shattering kisses. He licked Jax's ear and Jax's knees buckled. Brodie's hands around his waist were the only xvideos gays things keeping him from melting to the xvidios floor. Regaining sanity for a brief moment, xvidoes Jax grabbed mom xvideos Brodie by the hand and led him to the bed. 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Thought you might be hungry when you woke up." His smile faded at the look on Jax's face. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I thought it was a dream," Jax confessed. He brought his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. He xvideos japanese put his forehead to his knees, hiding his face. "You have no video x idea how much I've wanted this," he said, voice muffled. Brodie put the tray down, walked over to the bed and sat down next to Jax. "I think I may have an idea,"Brodie said, "because I wanted it pretty badly too. Maybe not for as long, but you have no idea how I felt when I realized I loved you." Jax raised his head. "You love me?" he whispered, needing to hear Brodie say it again and again. Brodie raised his hand and gently brushed back a fallen lock of Jax's hair. Jax turned his face into Brodie's xvideoscom hand and kissed the center xvids tenderly. Brodie xvideos download shivered slightly in response. "Yes," Brodie answered. "I love you. All ways. Always." ********************************* Jax looked around xvideos with a bemused expression upon his xvideos indian face. How did he xvideos.com end up here? The band was celebrating their partnership with a very, very small record label, Milagro Records. They were expanding their horizons in a very controlled way, in keeping with the plans the five of them had established in high school. There was a little person headed his way, Jaime, Luke and Jake's adopted son. One of Jake's many nieces had become pregnant at xvideos mom a very young age and had decided that xvideos gays Uncle Jakie and Uncle Luke would be perfect parents for her unborn child. He was wwwxvideos.com a miniature x video.com Jake, but unlike Jake, looked like he was going to be tall. He www.xvideo gravitated towards Jax, just like all little kids did and when five-year-old Jaime reached Jax he requested and received a hug. He walked back over to his parents who were xvideos. com observing him with identical xvideos .com smiles of pride. All of the beautiful O'Brien's were here, www xvideos com proud of Brodie's xvideos hentai success and the success of all of the band members, who they also regarded as part www.xvideo.com of their extended family. At xvideoscom the moment, Dyllan and Kai were hovering solicitously over Lacey, who was pregnant with x-videos the first baby of the family since Brodie. She was incandescent with joy, surrounded by the people she loved most in the world. Christian and Sinclair were sitting at the table too. Stevie was with them, seated on Christian's lap, even though he was tall like his mother and uncle and dwarfed Christian, who had never grown much beyond high school. He x.videos was probably too old to be sitting in Christian's lap, but not as far as the two of them were concerned. Sinclair was holding their baby, a 3-month-old girl; face soft with love and happiness. She was beautiful, glowing with happiness, no longer the sullen, xvideos download guarded girl of her teenage years. Cutter was in the corner speaking with the owner of the record company. Niamh was chatting with Derek's sister. Quinn and Mary Katherine were teasing Peggy. Cullen and Shannon were quietly talking with Derek and Niall. And then there was Brodie. Best friend and lover. As if he heard Jax's thought, Brodie raised his head. As always, his eye unerringly found Jax. He smiled at him, sapphire eyes glowing with a www.xvideos love Jax never tired of xvideos .com seeing. In return, Jax's mouth lifted into the rare, precious smile that always took Brodie's breath away. Jax thought to himself, this was xvido the real stuff. The important stuff, as his grandmother had tried to explain to him so long ago. This is what it's all about, love and family. Earth magic. Disclaimer: If you are under 18 and/or this is illegal in japanese xvideos your area, don't read. If love and sex xvedio offend you, don't read. wwwxvideos Niamh's story is next...I think. Other Stories: Waiting For Jake (Gay Male/Beginnings), Cullen's Fall, Lacey in the Middle, Path of Thorns (Cullen/Bisexual/Adult Friends) (c)SolCorazon2003 Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 07:56:12 -0700 telugu xvideos (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn:Love and Greed Chapter 1 www.xvideos com The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read xxxvideos this please leave now. *** This is a completely revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please read www xvideos.com it from the beginning in its entirety. Earth Reborn Prologue Standing at the podium nervous and unsure of exactly what to say I fumbled with the papers that were xvideos video my speech. It was quite good, but looking into the sea of faces that gazed up at me I couldn't help but to think that they deserved better. The silence moved me. It was like the rush of sudden horror that climbs over your body in the heat of battle as you see one you love fall. I had loved them all though, so each memory stung with a xvideos video bite of too many years. "Please excuse me. " I xxxvideo cleared my throat. "I have a speech prepared, but I x.videos think I'd rather tell you a story." I said feeling my voice return. Five thousand years ago, I lived in one of the last remaining primitive villages that still existed on xvide earth. I was nearly 800 years old or what www.xvideos we called 8th age. We were still aging xvedio back then japanese xvideos albeit slowly, and me slower than most. It wasn't like now where your children age normally until 21st year and then stop. Glancing over at Dusty I continued. Some of you gay xvideos remember those days, and some of you xvidos.com do not. Looking over at the vacant seats I paused. There wwwxvideos.com are too many empty chairs where the original team once xvideos jp sat. We keep their chair empty videos x to remind xvids us of the spot they filled in our lives wwwxvideos so they will not be forgotten. Many of you see only empty xvidos seats because you never knew them. They moved on long before your time. I fear my chair will be empty soon and so to preserve them and myself porn xvideos I'll ask you to humor me for a bit. Chapter 1 Love and Greed When I was only 800 years old... or 8th age, they xvideos hd still told the story of the Big Death in my xvidio village. We'd gather after xvideo.com chores around the fire in the caverns that hid us in the mountain at night and listen to the oldest of us tell the tale. They spoke of the xvideos brasil days of the arrival of the Thorens to our planet. August 12, 2008 at approximately 12:03PM those enormous brilliant spheres entered our atmosphere. They were so silver that it was beyond the xvideos jp reflection of a mirror, but more of liquid xvideos. com mercury just as they are today. Looking to the sky, all around the world the Sphere Major, as we call them now, appeared. The xvideos japan whole sky as far as the eye could see in every direction, in strange square patterns, like a silver dotted quilt had somehow been xvideo gay laid xvideos mom across the earth. 5 over, 5 up, 5 across, 5 down, on and on and forever into the distance. Even now I look www.xvideo up and often wonder what it would look like to have only the moon and stars dot the sky. The Big Death came and all the females in the world died in a matter of three days. A mere blink in history and they were gone. Descriptions and paintings have been passed down wwwxvideos over the centuries, but no one has ever seen a real female. They are now little more than myth and legend. xvideo com The Thorens brought disease, xvidios death, xvideo gay and slavery into our already messed up little world. They simply justified their every action with xvidos.com the fact that we were destroying ourselves and the world anyway, and they were just more efficient. They would simply indian xvideos control our infestation and let the world return to its natural japanese xvideos state. No sense in letting a rodent problem ruin a perfectly good planet I suppose. Strangely with all this they also brought us life. The same virus that killed all the females, also caused the male population to age at a much slower rate! What would normally have been one year of bodily age now took 10 years to occur. A man now 200 years old telugu xvideos only looks 20 years old xvideos video in appearance. We're also told that this was when we acquired our birth slots. All males now along their waste lines possess what can best be described as a kangaroo pouch. A small crease across the waist line that only porno xvideos opens during birth but otherwise appears little more than a sealed indented scar. Sadly, I age one year for every 100. My pouch father gave birth to me when he xvideos hd was 200 years old and named me Khore. After my rate of aging became apparent, I was labeled his 'Special' boy. I am your average 1599 year old kid in appearance.. heh porno xvideos heh...What we now refer to as nearly 16th age. I am 5 foot 6 inches tall. Shorter that most men my age, a lean tan body more like a 14 year old xxxvideos might possess. I do have muscle, but it's blended with that stubborn baby fat that seems to never xvideos tamil fade away x videos until one is in their 20th age. My video x mocha brown hair is slightly xvidoes curly, just enough to give it a bit of movement across my shoulders, xvideos gay like xvideos download a small ripple xvideos porno in a pond. The front I had kept short, but long enough to cover my eyes if I tilted my head right. My pointy thin but short nose, and average mouth make me nothing exceptional when it comes to beauty. x video What does make me stand out however, are my eyes. They xvideos in are the color of cold blue grey ice. The eyes that when you see them you swear if you got in dark xvideos porno enough place they would glow. It makes people uncomfortable to look at them, and I do xvideos jp my best to keep a downward glance. I find it xvideos teen a good habit not to see too xvideos in much. It only made me feel. I never knew my other father and it was never discussed. Briar, my Pouch Father simply refused to speak on the topic. Briar had been shorter than most men as I suspect it was after him that I xvideos free got my height. In his prime he had hair much like my own. It was slightly curly and earthy brown in color with a www.xvideos com set of beautiful deep brown eyes to match. His body was strong with muscle as was most of the villagers. We all had to work to survive which kept us in desi xvideos excellent shape. In our society, most have a Father, and a Pouch Father. The Pouch father being what we are told used to be called mom or mother, and Father as father. It is usually decided who will be the Pouch Father by simple chance. Then after a couple is indian xvideos together any further x-videos children are generally carried by the x video.com original Pouch Father as they are then more susceptible to carrying the xvideos brasil child. I have heard where there are some families where one man has xvieos been Pouch Father to one child, and then the other Father become Pouch Father to a second child, but I have never seen it. When Briar moved on at the age of 930, I was left alone as one of the few village boys, being some 730 years old, but xvideo having the xxvideo physical body xvieos of a 7 year old. The constant threat of discovery by the Thorens kept our close knit community very quiet and xvideos hd my freakish age was not a topic of mixed company. I was a freak in their eyes, different from the others. As per custom in our village, orphans are taken in by the oldest family to aid them www.xvideo with farming and household chores. Until one is xxvideos 160 or 16th Age, they are not considered able to be self sufficient and a full xvideos member xvideos japan of the community. This was because an immature body simply cannot defend, and perform the same tasks that require the strength of a 16 year old body. It was never an easy xvideos porno life xvideos free having the body of someone so young, with the mind of someone so very old. It wasn't well received that I was the wisest of those xvideos.con in our village and totally xvideo gay disregarded due to my physical appearance. I have now lived through almost xxvideo 2 complete generations of our village and was nearing xxvideos my 16th xvideos indian age. Kalob, the leader of our village, is now very close to xvideos indonesia death. He was 16th Age when my Pouch Father died, and is now nearly 106th Age or 1060 years xvideoss old; and in failing health. Kalob's dying wish of course, is to have his 18th Age son take over as leader of the tribe to maintain his family in a position of power over the others. It desi xvideos is our custom to elect a new leader between the xvideos.com 16th and 20th age (between 160 and 200 www.xvideos years old) to replace the previous leader. The two tamil xvideos oldest families then act as councilmen to the newly elected leader to ensure more balance within the community because at any time, your family could be the eldest and have input into the workings xvideos com of the xvideos com community. There xvideos .com have x vedios been whispers that they fear my coming of 16th Age, and should be given the position as leader of the village. There have also been whispers that Kalob's bastard of a son Rase has every intention of taking over as leader and continuing his reign of mom xvideos terror over the community. Only now... he would not need the cover of his father to protect him, he would be by village law... untouchable. When I see the look of complete burning hatred in his eyes as he glances my way, I gay xvideos fear the latter to be the truth. Rase would be quite attractive if it were not for the constant sneer etched across his face. The furrowed xxx videos brow and squinty eyes do little x videos.com to hide his intentions. His arms and legs have filled out to that solid rope like muscle that only comes to free xvideos one in their 18th age. The long furrows of mom xvideos muscle that rip across his chest and abdomen are hard indian xvideos not to admire underneath that bronze sheen we xvideos.con all have acquired from our many hours of laboring in the gardens that feed our village. He lacks that extra fat that fills a body in the mid 20th age hd xvideos that seems to videos x collect as a more mature body fills in it's own gaps and starts to save up for those harder months to come. His eyes like his soft long shoulder length hair are nearly identical in the depth of their warm brown color all of x videos which xvideos com frame his square jaw, weaslely eyes and short pug nose. His legs are broad and powerful and lead to an ass that looks like it could crack a walnut. The kind of ass that defies gravity by sheer x videos.com force of muscle. More's the pity. Jaron is the 5th in the line of families I have been put with over the years and my current step father. It is strange to consider someone my junior by nearly 600 years www xvideos com to be a father, but you get used to it after a few 100 years. An hour earlier during a very heated 'discussion' between Councilman Tyler, my step father Councilman Jaron, and a very agitated Leader Kalob, I overhear my own step father say that I should be, and have every right to take over as village leader after Kalob's passing. I would be of age and eldest within the community, something that has never happened before. Jaron, my stepfather, is a council xxvideo member xvideos porn due to his remarkable age of 1085 years old. He was not nearly xvideos indo as old as I am, but remarkably old in comparison to the others. He is stately in appearance, though time had bent him some at the shoulders and neck. While he was quite old, you could see remnants of his past beauty beneath x vedios the wrinkles that now donned his face. His full head of hair porn xvideos was now cut short and xvideos teen white as snow which also contributed a slight dignity to him. He didn't get around as well as he used to, but xvido he was still remarkably mobile and lucid for a man of so many years. I will be xxx videos 1600 years old in 13 days. On that xvideos 2 very day, my love, my beautiful Vale, and I will announce our union, and move into the space I have made for us in the caverns in the mountainside. Vale is a beauty to me that is hard to describe. xvideos mom His powder green eyes and honey brown hair make my heart skip a beat every time I gaze upon his face. Having entered his 16th age four years ago, he still has that softness about his muscle and skin that are absent in someone who's in their xvideos red 18th age. From hunting and gardening his muscles flex and pout as www.xvideo.com he moves, but not with the violence you might notice in someone older. His sweet ass is less chiseled but looks soft enough to pop like the bubbles you see xvideos teen from the froth of water on the river bank as it rushes by. He's remarkably tall being 6 foot 3 and that perfect height to my 5 foot 6 to hold me xvideos indonesia in the warmest xvido embrace that makes me f